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Ronald Schoengold is a consultant to the biotechnology, pharmaceutical and medical device industry.  He is a certified regulatory affairs professional and Fellow of the Regulatory Affairs Professional Society.  Ron provides advice on quality, regulatory and product development issues, helping businesses effectively commercialize and maintain their products and services.  He has been an active contributor to the industry for over 50 years and has developed commercially successful pharmaceutical, screening and diagnostic products for GI medicine, infectious disease and point-of-care testing.  He has published scientific journal articles and presented seminars and webinars on scientific and current regulatory compliance topics.  Ron also co-authored a book chapter on point-of-care testing and holds 8 patents related to point-of-care diagnostics.  He earned his bachelor’s degree in biology and chemistry, did his master’s training in microbiology and biochemistry, and completed additional graduate studies in microbiology, genetics, molecular biology and immunology.